Development in Adult Age

Development in Adult Age

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Development in Adult Age

Children should be kept as friends as they grow up. At the age of fourteen, there is a very significant change in the child. After virginity ends, puberty enters and there seems to be a huge attraction among people of the opposite sex. Parents should carefully assist the child to undergo mental and physical changes at this age. Books of celibacy, erotic places, scenes, dirty books should be avoided. A lot of work can come out of loving guidance. Rapid criticism or direct intervention would be lamentable. If homosexual or heterosexual friendships are highly self-evident, then such a relationship is unfortunate and the head of the family should monitor it. If the unwelcomeness of such lost relationship is understood, then the work can be done. Who can deny the necessity of education? A young child should be educated by a faithful person in a pure manner.

The family should actually be home and not a hotel. Where there is a relationship of mutual friendship and sympathy between parents and young sons and daughters, the same loving place is called home. Balanced development of the child takes place in such a loving and succulent environment. It is best if parents invite their child’s friends home for food, games and conversation. This increases the confidence of the child at home.

As far as possible, children should be given the opportunity to choose their favourite friends, with some guidance can work in it. Remember, if you ignore the friends of the child, then you will make him your opponent. May his friend be treated with courtesy and tenderness. Your son and daughter will like it.

Parents should always walk in time. Your main goal should not be discipline, not reprimand, fine love and sympathetic friendship. Your son is also like a friend. Who can be a good friend like a sympathetic parent?

Do not interfere directly, in crooked ways, that is, by such measures their mistakes should be told that they should not feel bad. Take care of protecting their ‘ego’, protecting pride. If they do not kidnap the child’s personal freedom, then no conflict will arise between the parents and the child.

Psychologists have clearly instructed that home and family members are the means of development of the child’s life. Imitation situations, your good, bad instructions, social status, are all going to have an impact on your character. The thing is that the development of a person’s strengths, abilities, feelings and nature demands a kind of complete environment, stability, security and strength. All this is found in your family with as much truth and perfection as is rare elsewhere. For the development of the child, we should present a pleasant, loving, happy atmosphere.

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