The real happiness of married life

The real happiness of married life

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There are economic and social reasons in marital life. But the main reasons are psychological. Many unknown feelings dormant in the husband and wife are old rites, fantasies which are published indirectly. Often two lovers are seen happily bonding in the matrimonial formula. But after some time of marriage, their mutual attraction is seen to decrease. Later they even start to hate each other. The reasons for this hatred are often internal. The main reason for this is the bisexuality of man which means that every male has a part of femininity and every woman has masculinity. Which elements will become dominant when they grow up. On this psychological basis, the man-man relationship is dependent.

If by chance, two such animals are tied in the matrimonial formula, in which the predominance of the same sex – like masculinity in woman and masculinity in man is enhanced or femininity is there in a woman, in her husband also the feminine element If there is primacy, then equilibrium, happiness, prosperity and internal balance will not be appropriate in the married couple.

In fact, real happiness of married life can be attained only when there is a natural and unobtrusive development of the qualities of femininity in women and masculine qualities in men. This does not mean that they do not have the opposite qualities at all. It only means that man should have a dominance of masculinity, and woman should have a predominance of femininity. The qualities of femininity in a man can only be secondary, and the qualities of masculinity in a woman can be secondary.

Qualities of masculinity

The predominant quality of a man is strength, courage, fearlessness, activism. Among them 1. Body force 2. Mental force 3. Character force is the predominance of 4-willpower. Man is made like a full-fledged creature with constant war, hardness, tenacity and bestial power. The man is arrogant, angry, vindictive, sweet-minded, loving. It would be appropriate to call him an avatar of the power. The barbaric wild man of the primal nature is still awake in it. The man is earnest and delightful by nature. The man is the actor, egoist, individualist, selfish, self-respecting and selfish. He feels a power inside him and, inspired by that, works in quickness and impatience.

Qualities of femininity –

The woman is a mine of tenderness, softness, mildness and sympathy. It is full of emotions, kindness, affection, gentleness, wisdom. His expression is more advanced and mature than that of a man. She thinks seriously, her outlook is vast, her insight is very broad. The woman is gentle with nature and body.

Women and men do not feel pleasure in being confined within themselves, but they are inclined to attain perfection by being in the company of the opposite sex. Help each other in every task and fulfil unquenchable desires. When a man confines his wife to the higher spiritual ground like his own, with holy sacrificial feelings, he has faith in his masculinity. In the same way, a female assistant, who provides patience in friend’s woes, endures the man by becoming tolerant.

Children of happy, contented, pious feelings, sobriety and educated spouses are born with high values ​​from the very beginning and the whole household flourishes. Violent actions of husband and wife take the place of constructive tendencies. In terms of psychoanalysis, a sterile woman and a man who does not have children suffer from terrible poisonous glands, acts of violence, abominations and ruthlessness. In this view, the more number of times a woman has children, the more humble, tolerant, restrained, courteous she will become. He will get great mental health. His tendencies and desires will be refined. When a woman begins to believe in her high, sacred spiritual secret powers, then her suppressed tendencies become more respected towards creative works. Hatred, anger, jealousy, selfishness perish. Married women live more than virgins.

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