Golden formula to make home life happy | part-2

Golden formula to make home life happy | part-2

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Be gentle
You should become such magnet that by attracting women or men, you can get some spiritual inspiration, enthusiasm and education. You can communicate juice throughout the house with happiness, gentleness and gentleness. What is the meaning of a husband, who enters all the houses and gets scared, the children will lurk, silence and deadness prevail? You will be able to understand your wife’s wishes with gentleness. Through logic and intelligence, he will be able to overcome his unfair practices. You will never be able to do anything through anger, beating, malice or divorce. The behaviour of equality, honesty, courtesy changes further.

Read the scientific book of sexology

What is the meaning of man’s work-life? The study of her innermost nodes is extremely useful for every female and male. Beware of cheap market porn books! This route is of great responsibility and economic examination. Therefore, its books should be judiciously selected.

One reason for sparring discord is the ignorance of the couple, especially the work of men. The male nature is insolent and the woman is shy. Apart from this, she believes in relinquishing herself only on the altar of domination, she wants husband love as well as husbandhood. A man who commits a barbarity to make a woman a victim of her desire in the first sexual intercourse, he sows the seeds of marital discord by making terrible mistakes. Subjects are mental disorders and body faeces. But the holy couple love is the highest expression of the heart. It takes enough time to exchange the heart. The heart is the property of a woman. She simply does not give it to the man and does not want to return once given.
Following the above rules can greatly benefit. Remember, home labour is the shelter of the practice of husband and wife. Religion, meaning and work of life are practised there. Both husband and wife complement each other, are supportive, are friends. The task of both is to enhance the properties of each other, to eradicate obscenities and to maintain an integrality. For this, each should develop self-control, tolerance and selfishness.

The husband is for maintenance and nurturer. The wife is also responsible for the fulfilment of her physical, mental, cultural, social, personalities or deficiencies. Develop his powers, nourish him, protect him from the evil path and always be content.

Wife is a devotee. Just as a seeker surrenders himself in the practice of his lord, in the same way, do not keep the feeling of malice in your mind and treat everything good and bad to the husband as your adorable. If the husband is misguided, then love him and refine him by tact. For the treatment of this disease, there is a need to show the inferiority of the lanes from the point of view, logic, intelligence and health. Instead of being frustrated, explaining can benefit more

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