Significance of festivals

Significance of festivals

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Festivals are very useful for happy family life. There are many benefits through them. (1) There is good entertainment. This may include individuals from the entire family. In acting, singing, reading, self-study, etc. there is fraternal communication among all. (2) Equality can be promoted in festivals. Everyone collectively undertakes an industry to make them successful. (3) The memory of old-worldly and spiritual pride becomes green again. If we think deeply, we will find that each festival has some hidden spiritual meaning. Hindu festivals and festivals have a sacred spirit of equality, sympathy and mutual organization. These qualities develop. (4) We get the opportunity for spiritual progress through these festivals. Each of our fastings mourns fasts, celebrations mean truth, love, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, kindness, devotion, and feelings arise in the family. All these are natural qualities of the soul. These are the permanent powers of man.

These celebrations and festivals should not be mere rituals, external philosophies or false pretences. Help in the development of a sense of family spirit, organization, unity, equality and love. To develop family life, we have to give up the feeling of bitterness and asymmetry, flow of affection and sun of sympathy.

In the festivals and festivals, we all get the opportunity to gather in one place. We can exchange mutual thoughts together, think on the same subject and think of a solution to our problems. By living together, we can also point to each other’s virtues. These are occasions that forget family differences and re-bind them with affection. We should obey them with great enthusiasm.

Silly habits

What are the habits that cause the family apocalypse? The first is the selfish approach, in which only the head remains in the confined periphery. The chief who eats the best of things himself wears beautiful clothes. He takes care of his comfort and keeps the other family members miserable, a volatile mind, a beaten, prostitute is a curse for the family.

Many families have been destroyed due to the use of harmful substances. Alcohol has destroyed many families. Similarly, cigarettes, paan tea, etc. have been the biggest source of wealth. If all the expenses are increased by these things, then it is met by gambling, speculation, theft, bribe, corruption. How can one expect a higher spiritual life from a person who is not sober? Drunk man spends and is unable to fulfil the responsibilities of family and society. Being insincere, he insults others, tortures them in vain? Runs litigation. Time and money are lost. Drunken people’s homes are destroyed, reputation is lost, children and wives suffer. Those who are intoxicated by cannabis, opium etc., will also be counted as one type of alcohol.

Eating meat is one such misdeed, which causes harm to only animals. Due to this, complex diseases of violence, zoology, and internal diseases arise. Animal nature is awakened. It is also not appropriate to eat more sweets or dumplings.

The habit of taking loans destroys many families. Irresponsible people spend a lot of money in marriage, birthday, travel, entertainment, etc. They take a loan and cry later. A one-time debt never returns. Goods are sold at home. It comes to sell jewellery. Litigation falls in this category. It is advisable to reconcile with each other as much as possible. The trial cycle is a waste of both time and money.

Adultery habits increase sin and deceit in society. When men come into contact with other women in married life, then sin spreads in society. The love, harmony, organization of the family is destroyed. Due to the betrayal of the housewife, the entire house environment becomes contaminated and toxic. We grieve that we see hundreds of families being destroyed by this sin, and yet take such foolish habits. In today’s society, there is an open exchange in the form of lovers, friends, etc. It has severe consequences.

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