The growth of question in children

The growth of question in children

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As age increases, the child grows his knowledge through this imagination. Taking experience from the situation and imagines them. His curiosity is awakened to discover new things. He will ask many types of questions to parents and family. Careful! These questions should not be suppressed, but some answers must be given. Those answering should take proper care of the child’s receptive power. Pay special attention to three elements while answering –

1. Knowledge of child society.

2. Situation information.

3. The art of explaining the subject by simplifying it.

There should not be any kind of doubts in the child, opposition should not stand. Things should not be confused, they should be satisfied.

Development from 6 to 10 years

A child develops more when he or she turns 6 to 10 years old. During that period he became very interested in reading and writing. We need to help in its development in the following manner-

1. Best books containing adventure stories. They should be the ones to build a completely pure character, 2-children should perform small solitary plays. Good plays can be prepared for children by talking about mythological or historical events. 3-Variety Show: It is a great educational tool for children with low intelligence. It is accompanied by a rapturous performance of songs, innovations and gestures, 4-sparingly fed games, through which children learn to hope, control, etc. in playing games, music, bhajans and kirtans on 5-instrument instruments. 6- Take the children for a walk outside and show them different creatures, birds, birds, insects, insects, 7 – Descriptions of children from different countries, 8 – Drawing interest for painting. Good pictures, digging work, making of toys, will develop hidden props of the child. Children’s hobbies should be developed.

Some of the children’s hobbies are – 1 – Collecting tickets, 2 – Signing of big men, Pictures, Matching Level, Photographs, Collecting leaves and flowers, 3 – Collection of beautiful monthly letters and books, 4-way Mobilization of sportswear, 5-butterflies, insects, mittens, birds and cows, 6-correspondence with children from abroad. All this is a very good means of enlightenment. 7-Local Pass-Neighbor, Visit Your State. A walk is important because it increases the knowledge of geography. A tour of the home country destroys the narrow sense of provinciality, a national outlook develops. Such tours reinforce the sense of monolithic cultural unity among the different provinces in the child’s mind.

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