The importance of sheer thinking

The importance of sheer thinking

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Step into the solitary intake. That is sheer thinking. Contemplate what? Meditation also has two parts. There were two parts of contemplation. Such contemplation has two parts. One part is named Self-creation. One’s name is self-development. What in the making? Creation tells him to include things that you do not have, no matter what nature, quality and deeds are not included in them. For example, you are not educated, no learning, now you try. Why! That you have to study science. We live honestly, we do not drink, that is right for you, but I ask you, why do you not fulfil the lack of education? If you do not meet the lack of knowledge, then how will you progress? How will the scope of your knowledge increase? How will your intelligence develop? That is why a lot of work has to be done for self-construction here as well. Your health is weak, it will not work, or we will stop smoking, we will stop. Should have stopped, but will also have to do one more thing. You have to make revolutionary changes in your own diet to promote health.

The deficiency has to be met. It is not everything to correct the deficiency. Even complete the deficiency. What will be made of this? Will not complete? Won’t you read lore? Will not improve health? Will not increase public relations? Will not step for service? Those who want to work will not do it. No sir! We rectified the mistake. What does correcting a mistake mean? Correct the mistake and develop your abilities, your abilities and your feelings. In self-creation, we have to see what is lacking in our life and that deficiency has to be filled. We should make our nature and habits right. Build yourself, build your health, build your personality, build your character, create your nature, make your way of working. Make everything. Apart from making this, take another care, you can make your family.

Build only your own. We will become saints in ourselves and read Ramayana and we will not eat sweets. You are right to say, but that too is your part. You are not alone. The family which is also connected with you. That is why it will also have to be constructed. If you cannot build it, all your family will become bastard, foolish, foolish, wicked, then how will your peace be stable, then how will you worship, then how will you live a good life, then you sweet words How do you practice? Why won’t you get angry when every man is surprised? Therefore, what should be done is to make your personal life happiness and peace, set the policy that is about yourself, about your family and family.

They are also their parts, are they not? Make them all. What to make them? Make the same thing. Cultivate peace in them, cultivate character loyalty. Cultivate ideas, create virtues. If you become rich, if you do not become anything, nothing is created. People have lived fantastic lives even in poverty and despite being rich, man has created so much discord that he himself has died and killed others. That is why I do not tell you about prosperity. For creation, I mean virtue, action and nature. Do everything you can to change these characteristics, man’s decency, habits and style of thinking.

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