Wisdom is inherently present in every person

Wisdom is inherently present in every person

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When we face many problems with different types of thoughts, then it becomes difficult to decide who is beneficial in them and who is right and who is wrong, as opposed to who is interested? In such a state, only wisdom can guide us. Those who lack a conscience, they are unable to determine their right path in fragile moments and walk on the wrong path, due to which they have to fall and fall into the pit of failure and disgrace. Those who possess the power of prudence, are visionary and therefore follow the appropriate path. This power makes an ordinary person a leader.

Wisdom is inherently present in every person. This has an effect on the shadow of our accumulated and actionable actions, due to which it is seen less in some and more in some. In other words, we can also say that we are so much influenced by the accumulated and constructive deeds that we do not hear the call of conscience properly. This conscience is a symbol of our real humanity and a sign of goodwill. In its absence, man becomes an animal or even gone and becomes a burden and a curse for the nation, for the society, and ultimately for the creation.

It is our primary duty as human beings to awaken this conscience and learn to listen to his voice. In the world, all human beings, from the smallest to the greatest, are eager for its grace.

From this, we come to the conclusion that it is absolutely essential for a man to always protect his conscience. By killing wisdom for any selfishness, he has to suffer. Whether it is an individual subject and whether a social or political problem or religious; we should always take care of judicious decisions. A person’s intellect becomes frustrated by the behaviour of a line or assuming ‘saint sentence proof’ and starts walking on the wrong path. Therefore, whatever be the matter, ancient or new, we should decide it only after taking a full view of what is just, unfair, true and untrue.

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