To develop astute health force and brainpower

To develop astute health force and brainpower

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The same thing will be visible everywhere in the world, wherever everything is seen everything is calm, well-organized and planned. This order and order dynamics form a major basis. Dedication of one’s own ability and characteristics to others. How the particles of the universe are allowed to use their personalities for others – this can be seen on foot. How the system of the body and the life consciousness remains alive — if it is studied, it would seem that the activities of the gross body do not operate voluntarily, but some specific elements with a tendency to emit to others who are full of charitable consciousness in it Specific role plays.

Some time ago, it was believed that the body of blood flesh is governed by the diet. It turned out that the diet works as a fuel to keep the body engine warm. On that basis, it was also found that the stomach, heart and lungs cannot be considered to be the governing elements. All the activities of the body are conducted by the conscious and unconscious minds, due to their inspiration, various organs carry out their work. To develop astute health force and brainpower, it is considered necessary to study the deep layers of brain knowledge and to create the desired conditions, the same area was given priority. Recently, biologists have turned their face towards body research and have focused their attention on the practice of psychology.

Now another new mystery has emerged – that of the Harmonies. The secretions coming out of them in very small amounts are important which affect not only the physical condition but also the mental state and produce surprising fluctuations in them. These hormones are not affected by the conscious or unconscious mind. Traditional efforts to increase them from one body to another have often failed. The growth decrease or control balance of these hormones cannot be achieved even after being removed from one body and entering another body. It seems that their emergence and development is only for the confirmation, growth, beauty and balance of the body. The subtlest power of life is very eccentric and mysterious, so far the unit of subtle life could not be ascertained which is final (absolute) and eternal (imperial). But the microorganisms that scientists have discovered by detecting them are also no less surprising.

Amongst the smallest units of life that scientists have found in the world, the ‘diatom’ is the smallest. But there is a confusing process in it. Some scientists consider diatoms as bacteria, some believe it to be the smallest cell in the plant world. After this, the most microscopic unit is the virus, so small that out of the 300 viruses that have been discovered so far, 100 billion trillion particles of poliovirus will fall into only a small ball. The virus is so active that in 1918, in Influenza, he brought twenty million men and women and children to the door of death in a few days. The strongest power of the microcosm can be estimated from this. Perhaps we would not have made the mistake of showing ourselves big and would have become so small that if we had assimilated into the smallest unit of the world, we would have had the same power. It would have been in a position to benefit millions of people.

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