A symbiosis principle for man

A symbiosis principle for man

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For example, it is a human duty to put our time and labour to advance the backward classes. Whether man fulfils this duty or not, trees and plants definitely follow this nature inspiration. In fact, backward people do not remain backward because of any deficiency or error in them. Rather, many environments and systems are also responsible for it. Take the seeds of the fruit-producing plants to a place where enough water, air, heat, food and air moisture (moisture) are available for them to grow, then those seeds also turn into a more fruitful caste. The same principle also works in human life. Many backward and post-Dalit people are lying in our society, they are not guilty of God’s work or work. The vagina of a human being is found only after attaining work, hereafter birth, its good is bad, develops, develops, or remains in a state of lowliness, poorness, most of the situation is controlled. Therefore, thoughtful people devote most of their powers to social service by applying some part of their ability in their selfishness. Through education, self-education, health, cooperation, etc., they also advance the less educated and downtrodden, its collective fruit is beneficial for every human being. There is another aspect of this and that a weak person can grow his abilities and abilities by learning from external conditions.

Man is a social animal, it has reached this advanced stage of today only with the help of mutual cooperation, experiences and knowledge of others. Therefore, he is not only entitled to take it, but he is also indebted to the society since birth, he should pay this loan with mutual support and sympathy.

A symbiosis principle works in tree flora. There is a type of lump in the roots of double-headed vegetation such as gram, pea, peanut, moth, etc., which is filled with a special pink-coloured juice (syrup). There are bacteria (bacteria) in that juice, which collect a lot of nitrogen from the air system through the action of erosion. This accumulated nitrogen is useful only for the plant whose root it is. The top plant is cut, then those roots remain in the soil. Safe nitrogen in the form of lumps is now added to the soil and regains its lost fertility. Human birth is appreciated by those in social life, who keep only a little benefit of their accumulation for themselves, the rest spend in increasing the usefulness and competence of society.

This action is possible only through mutual exchange. In the paddy fields, gram grows very well, because the paddy leaves its portion, which is useful for gram, in turn, the gram also does the same, which again paddy crop is good in that field. Both treat each other’s gratitude and say to humans that at least as much as one can receive from others, at least as much as possible according to their abilities, characteristics, should be contributed to the development of others.

In the dense shade of mango, betel vines grow very easily, if mango refuses to do so, where should the bets exist. Cardamom flourishes under the shade of coconut. The principle that the little ones eat big is wrong. The truth is that the younger ones should get protection, love, affection and generosity from the elders. The effect is not only on vegetation but also on human life. If we follow it then we can make a huge contribution to the peace and order of society.

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