Family: for the high-level progress

Family: for the high-level progress

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Marriage will not be carried out only for the fulfilment of sexuality, nor to play with beauty, but by removing the imperfections of life by giving affection, cooperation, respect to the partner, and inspired by the idealism of making more high-level progress together.

You will play with each other, be tolerant. Together we will reach a decision will not impose authority or request. If differences are common and no Deity arises due to them, then so much generosity should be maintained that variations of different nature should be kept in check. These days, women are used as maids, by reversing this practice, they will get a place of respect for a partner with equal rights. The decoration will be considered inappropriate, considering the internal inferiority and degradation of the woman.

Every householder will be found full of affection, harmony, and enthusiasm, euphoria like the paradise on earth. Because all its members will sincerely believe that the ethics of labour, order, economy, liberal co-operation and good manners are the basic reasons for happiness and peace. As a joint organization, all the families will think of presenting their share of grants in making it better, rather than having the temper to run away with whatever is available. Together, they will create an atmosphere of order and goodwill in the family, through which they will experience more happiness than the present and, living in it, will clearly see the possibilities of a bright future. Only such cultured families make mines of male-jewels and make their operators blessed.

The management of body travel, economy, happiness, convenience and progress-security of the family members will also continue in the era of wisdom. But a feature will inevitably be connected that every member should try in his own way and feel ashamed to fall behind in order to reduce the rights and increase duty. Families will be made a school for goodwill training and in that factory, they will come out of the jewels. The whole structure, program and legislation of the family will be made in such a way that all its members have the opportunity to include the best practices like labour, economy, orderliness, gentleness, cooperation. The family will evaluate the significance and progress of the families only after seeing a sublime vision, intense self-expression, courteous-good behaviour and intensive cooperation.

There will be a relationship of pure affection harmony between the two and by practising duty towards each other, they will practice increasing their reverence and decency. There will be no discrimination between the girl and the son. Both will get equal affection, respect and importance. Marriage of children will not be done until they are able to bear the many responsibilities of self-reliance and new householder. The ambition of the rich should not be provoked in children. No more lazy, luxurious, egoistic facilities should be provided. Providing goodwill will be considered the greatest service aid to a child.

With few exceptions to complete every task on time, keeping things safe and furnished in place, avoiding fashion as a touch, keeping away, introducing simplicity and hygiene, spending less than the budget and saving a little Practices such as keeping the scope, sharing each other’s hands, tending to sympathy and cooperation, behaving with gentleness and sweetness, complying with footsteps and greetings, etiquette, discipline, cleanliness and effort for grooming For example, if we can get into the practice, a heavenly atmosphere can be created in every house.

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