The meaning of having a family

The meaning of having a family

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Human beings are structured as social animals. Whatever he has got is available only through the cooperation and grants of the society. It should also contribute to making the Astu society better, more cultured. This work should be started from a small family society. It is not necessary that only women and children are considered family. The community in which the context of eating, sleeping and living together is formed is the family itself.

This community should be treated like its ingredients and treated as a small gardener and serve as a gardener. Family policy is the policy of living together, sharing and eating and laughing and living life. As every human body of the age of wisdom, the family will also take full pleasure in the family life and will strive.

These days, the weight of the population has increased more than the earning power of the earth. Now there is no scope to increase the burden of children. Many courses such as economic crisis on the father, sickness on the mother and the attack of premature death, pitiful future of scarcity-born children, sharing of family rights – national progress and terrible stalemate in the world system would have arisen due to the stupidity of raising children these days.

Sometimes fertility may have been called fortunate and encouraged, but today it can be said to give a direct invitation to disaster. Every thoughtful progeny will survive a production and if there is a desire to rejoice, one will assume the burden of raising and helping many helpless children instead of adopting someone. It is only by being mutual partners that happiness, peace and progress are played. Being aware of this fact, the human being of the age of wisdom will not remain the same in narrow selfishness as today. But it will pay serious attention to make the personality strong, authentic and the family happy, self-reliant. And will try for it with passionate readiness.

Through family building, people become moderates, visionaries and benevolent people, as well as those who grow in that environment will have the opportunity to become male-jewels. Personality and family will be considered complementary to each other and the scientific code of joint family will develop.

Every person will consider a thousand times before settling the family whether it has the ability to raise appropriate resources for the progress and convenience of the partner. Does he have the ability to make new children a decent, elite and self-supporting citizen? If it is, then how much amount of time and money can be made for fellow and a new generation. Only after seriously supervising all these things will the courage of marriage be done and before producing children, thousands of times will be considered that the wife’s health, husband’s earning, the home environment will be appropriate to bear this new responsibility whether or not No one will dare to take a greater step than a certain situation. Producing children even if they do not have the capacity for proper compliance will be considered as a curse that will make the future of ourselves, wife, children and the nation as a whole bleak.

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