The mindset of poverty

The mindset of poverty

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You are always thinking of shortages. To think of the lacks means hell. Lack of attention should not be taken, it should not be removed. I do not say this I say this If you continue to consider yourself as lacking, depressed, poor and poor, then you will remain poor and poor. Do not consider yourself poor and do not consider yourself poor. You have a lot to give. Money is less with us, so who is asking for money from you? And what will you do good by giving money? Do not give love to others, do not give respect to others. See how thirsty the world of honour is. Don’t encourage people. See what small men can become by getting your encouragement. Is there anything less to give? You give hard work, give sympathy to your people. There is nothing less to give. If you have the attitude to give, then you can give anything. You eat four loaves, eat three loaves and save one loaf for the poor. Then you will see, in which way you get peace and in which way you come closer to happiness.

Do not cultivate love inside you. The day you will create love, on that day only one enthusiasm and such vibrations will arise from your mind, how should we help others? Thinking is that which is considered for the past. Review the way in which our past has passed. You are unable to do your review. Know how to review others. You can review the neighbour, criticize the children, point out the fault of the whole world, tell the fault of God and tell everyone’s mistake. There is no one left who does not tell you the mistake. But your fault; you do not consider your mistake. We start thinking of our mistakes and start reviewing our moves and we start supervising ourselves, then we will find many things which we should not have done and there will be a lot of things that you will find. This time we should not have adopted the things which we have adopted.

The design of the mind is something unique. The same thing remains. Your nature is also good, your habits are also good, your idea is also good, your thinking is also good, all your good, the outside ones are wrong.
When you sit in solitude to think, you understand that we are alone and no one is our partner or co-operative. Partner in his place, Cooperative in his place, Money in his place, Business in his place, agriculture in his place; let them all stay in their respective places. Just consider this, what did we keep forgetting in the past? Didn’t go the way, did not forget, that is why it was born? Did you do the work for which you were born? Did you keep earning more than you needed for your stomach? Instead of fulfilling the responsibilities of family, should you keep increasing the load in unnecessary number? And to keep those who did not need what they were carrying, as a gift? Why? What is the reason? These are all mistakes.

In the same way, what should have been kept for your health like eating and drinking, eating and drinking? Was the manner in which the decency should have been included in the style of contemplation? No. Neither did we perform duties towards our bodies, nor did we perform our duties towards our brains, nor did we perform our duties towards our relatives. We went backwards in terms of duties. Wherever we went backwards, consider them all once. Why? What is the use of thinking? This is the advantage that if mistakes are understood then there will be scope for improvement.

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