Don’t tolerate evil

Don’t tolerate evil

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This world is very bad. There is a huge jail. There is goodness as well as a form of God. This I do not say is not the form of God. Are there shortcomings in it, are the evils less? One by one the wicked, many are lying in a dishonest world. So what to do then! Malice towards others? Even if you are spiteful you will be burnt The envy? You will also be jealous of jealousy. The revenge? You will also be burnt by vengeance. By this, you will do more damage than the front person. One man has harmed you – loss number one. And once again you started new diseases. Jealousy, vengeance, hate. You will keep all these things, then how will you live, tell me? You will get crushed from outside and also from inside, will you not die? Do not do it like this.

What do you do Do you tolerate evils? No, I do not say that you should tolerate evils. You must fight against evils. Again! There is another way to struggle. Which one? That is the way the doctor does. For whom? for the patient. Every moment tries to kill the patient’s diseases. Do not survive the disease, do not survive the virus, avoid the pollution of blood. But the patient should not be harmed. You make equal efforts to remove the evils without harming the patient. When you think of harming a particular person, then he becomes enraged and you think of removing his faults, bad luck, shortcomings, then there is no problem then you should do so.
You should do one more thing. You must be self-sufficient. Depend on yourself. What to do? Do not expect outside men, do not believe, do not believe. Suppose you believe that if we progress, only we will. You are sitting with a man hoping that that man will help you. Why will you help?

Now okay, if you get time, you can get help, may not get it and whatever steps you take, trust your feet and lift it. Hopefully, we have to do this work and we will do it. If you have this confidence, then you will be called a self-reliant person. The sun does not depend on anyone. The wind does not depend on anyone, does not expect anyone. The Moon does not expect anyone. Nobody expects to land. Do not expect anyone, it does not mean that you do not live a supportive life, do not mingle.

Positive thinking, so that men become deities. It is a bad man, we will make him good, make him a gentleman, why not think about it? Why is he thinking that he is a bad man, will kill him, kill him? Do not think that. Do not change your perspective. Whatever you have got, it is no less. Is very mixed. You see. Just look at the other animals, not the insects or the pranks, nor the animals or birds. How disgusting and how gone – past and how little life is spent. Then you! Why would you live such a life?

God has made you a prince, has not given you wisdom, has given you speech, nor has given you hands and feet. You live at home, don’t you? You have a livelihood, you get a salary on the first date, do not eat bread. Look at other animals. Those unemployed have no salary, no job, no clothes, nor any manner of speaking. How much have you got compared to all of this? Can’t you cheer on them? Can’t you be happy? Can’t you smile? That we have the right to be happy in our present circumstances.

You become great and put your name among the Gods of the earth. And what is a saint called? It is called philanthropists, men engaged in the public interest. The one who spends himself in the seven seasons is called a saint. If you live like a saint and a Brahmin or to live joint life of both, you will enjoy it.

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