The need for refinement

The need for refinement

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The need for refinement before enlargement is universally understood in normal life, but when it comes to the context of spiritual progress, it is a kind of turning away from that side. The reason for this neglect is that the efforts made for progress often go in vain and the complaint remains that the measures suggested for achieving the successes of the spiritual realm were not pithy. Most of the seekers are seen stuck in such a state of confusion and despair leading to a sad mood. Only a few who keep the initial enthusiasm for a long time are rarely seen. There is a reason for impatience in this, but even the difficulty cannot be ignored, due to which the men do not present any effect of their influence and the safflower of hope starts to fade untimely.

On discovering the facts, a terrible mistake is made that the principle of rectification is ignored before amplification. In the greed of easy procurement, such impetuosity is adopted, which in its exaggeration does not stop to complete the process of refinement. As a result, isolated efforts remain incomplete, overall efforts are required for success. The half-incomplete process produces failure in every work, then how can the spiritual realm remain its exception. The root cause of failure of practices is incompleteness in which further progress was made without fulfilling the initial requirement like refinement.

Thick layers of miscreants frozen on the mind due to misdeeds are the biggest obstacles in the path of spiritual progress. Removing them is called refinement. The importance of worship is like doing agricultural work and planting a garden, which requires land reclamation even before planting. By ploughing well, removing pebbles, stones, weeding, keeping the moisture, composting, the land is made worthy so that the seeds sown in it can grow properly. Suitable land is required for the seedlings to grow and thrive. If inattention has been made in its making and in the greed to earn a quick harvest, the labour of cultivation of land is deemed futile, then it will be called a mistake. In the beginning, it was considered intelligent to save labour, but in the back, the disappointment of losing the seeds in it is also felt.

The first half of spiritual cultivation is self-purification and the latter is self-development. Worship serves the purpose of self-development. For this, the practice of many legal practices of the yoga class. According to their interest, need and tradition, seekers make choices in them and start undertaking progress, this is the latter. It should not be forgotten that new grounds and scenes of profit from the latter emerge and the hope of getting something is tied up, but ignoring the first half, this leap has often been seen to fail. Even if not completely unsuccessful, his reward appears so self-evident, which is very low compared to the initially perceived or stated greatness and makes the mind of the seeker sad.

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