The principle of achieving significant achievements

The principle of achieving significant achievements

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It should have been that along with the latter part of the development effort, the refining aspect of the first half would have been taken into consideration. This is called ascetic practice. There are many different types of light. Adopting them removes the maladjustment of the soil and fertility. It is this land purification in which encouraging scenes like sprouting do not come forth immediately, but with the help of foresight, there is definitely an assurance of desired success in the near future. The uprooting of the land of short-sightedness seems useless and planting seedlings or planting trees is seen as beneficial. Even then, facts will remain facts. Neglect of rectification proves hasty and ultimately disappointing.

The practice of worship laws is fast these days. There has been a flood of such telling gurus who, by telling a very simple worship process, attract many for the first time by assuring them of long and wide benefits. There is no shortage of people who start them. Because they are very simple. So simple that there is no pressure on physical or mental. In the same way, completing that puja letter like a child’s play is a game like playing a pinch. Even if you do so much, who will leave him, if he gets the benefit of pleasing the deity and getting a variety of boons from him? By imagining the benefits of opening the lottery, when millions of people who buy a ticket of one rupee can be found, then who can declare the greed to get abundant benefits with the help of very simple worship method? It is clear that for those who declare the miraculous fruit there is no shortage of those who follow their method. But the disappointment that comes with not getting the stated benefits changes into infidelity. In such a situation, the temptation of cheapness, for the method of worship, for the seeker, for public recognition, is proved to be harmful.

The appropriate way is to practice cultivation science properly. The principle of achieving significant achievements by paying a fair price is to be believed. The importance and necessity of self-determination should be understood with or even before adopting the ritual process. It should be included in the efforts of progress. Yoga and tapa are both complementary and interdependent. These can be called washing and dyeing yoga. There is no colour on the cloth mixed with dirty, crushed, greasy and dirty and the money of colour and the labour of dying goes in vain.
All these activities, which connect the soul with the divine, with greatness, fill the ideal in practice and make the soul divine, are called all activities. Yoga means – to add. Combining the imperfect with the absolute. Yoga practice is called the worship process, the latter half of spiritual progress.

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