Protect the pride of other

Protect the pride of other

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Remember, everyone can be ready to die fighting over their pride. Pride is such a dear spirit. We want to protect it by giving life too. Do not want to do your handicap in front of the other. Our belief is that our head is high. No one could lift a finger towards us. Do not discuss our weaknesses or shortcomings.

For example, your wife could not cook delicious food today. Chilli is overcooked, lentils are raw. Bread is also burnt. Do not tell him that you do not know how to cook food. You could not learn how to make even dal roti. Instead, you should say that the standard of your food is not as high as it always is. We do not like the other’s hand in front of your hand food. There are very few skilled like you in this art. ‘ These types of sentences will protect the wife’s pride and she will prepare high standard food to please you.

By stimulating the pride of the other, by promoting, praising, false pride grows and each person is happy. The biggest and the smallest person wants to protect his pride. In the eyes of others, its exaggeration is eager to see its full form.

If you are a teacher, then:

Preserve the pride of the students. Instead of reporting their errors in plain language, criticize them by turning around in such a way that they do not feel that you are losing their value. Start saying like a friend. Capture the hearts of your disciples. Get admission in their depths. If you have gained their confidence once, then you can rule them very well. Confidence will be found when you keep inflating their false pride. They will be able to present their exaggerated form in front of them.

If you are a wife:

Remember that the more gentle, gentle and sweet a woman is, the more she loves the man. The woman who protects the husband’s feelings. Somehow inflates the pride of her masculine superiority, shows her exaggerated appearance, automatically becomes a mirror in which the husband attains full development of his masculine qualities – the same woman likes the man. The man has a desire that his wife expresses her superiority, praises her courageous actions, confesses her failure, continues to excite false pride, and does not brag. The husband likes to see the wife as inferior to her, because on rising up, her masculine superiority, pride, egoism is smeared.

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