The importance of constructive criticism

The importance of constructive criticism

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Do you know that even a heavy thief, a determined robber, a seasoned murderer does not consider himself to be nasty? Everyone feels his intelligence best. The actions he has taken seem to be compatible. His approach seems to be the best. After killing a murderer, he does not believe that he has committed any major crime. While stealing, it comes to the mind of the thief that he is doing something ugly. Killing from the point of view of the murderer, stealing from the eyes of the thief is the right thing. The actions of each of us are paramount from our personal perspectives. In others’ work, we can criticize, show beautiful ideals. We can also dictate the best path, but we believe that we ourselves are ideal, the work we do is the best, no one can do that work with so much excellence, artistry and perfection, except us perfectly we did.

Each of us considers himself a model of the ideal. We consider ourselves complete even in our weaknesses, weaknesses, and minorities. We find it unnatural to listen to our evils. We do not want others to direct him or draw our attention to him. We also want to keep our eyes low on the side of the weak by keeping the eyes open. Man has a natural partiality for his wealth, clothes, home, attitude, thoughts, intelligence, superiority.

The self-proclaimed instinct of self is the result of a helpless state of human nature when life was full of hundreds of hardships, dangers. Man does not lift anything to protect what is his own. Self, the self-styled attitude of ‘ego’ has become the primary cause of social dissimilarity in the advanced age of civilization, manifesting itself in the forms of competition, competition, degrading others, proving itself to be paramount. Competition and jealousy have entered society due to hindrance in ego instinct.

Today there is jealousy in society, that is why we do not want to understand each other’s views and even if we understand, we do not act accordingly. The person who interrupts the path of other’s emotions is the cause of jealousy. There is a confusion of feelings of each other in the spread of many quarrels, problems and competitions spread in the society. Finding faults in others also has the principle of making oneself firm, to prove them indirectly (higher) than the other.

Everyone is a little familiar with the terrible acts of criticism in daily life. Parents do not get tired of criticizing their little ones. The owner does not complain about the servant. The teacher comments on the students’ commentary. The shopkeeper smacks of the stupidity of the customers. The speaker cries eight tears on the listener’s senselessness. The judge expresses outrage at the ignorance of the murderer, the murderer, the thieves. Seeing the condition of patients in the hospital, the doctor ridicules the patients with low intelligence. The keeper of the insane asylum looks at many of the lunatics and thinks – ‘Wish these people could change their attitudes?’ But we do not think that small children, servants, customers, listeners, murderers, murderers, patients, lunatics, no one considers himself foolish nor agrees to accept this, as he is. , Is best by its ideals. According to the present picture of the highest life in his mind, he is building his self.

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