The number of virtues visible

The number of virtues visible

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The proper way to develop virtues is to think about them specifically, read them, listen to them, say the same, think in a way that helps in raising the virtues. Thinking and meditating on how one can pave the way to our uplift and joy by adopting virtues should be continued. Thinking of the benefits of an object makes one desire to get it and if he starts thinking about the loss that can be caused by him, then he will start to look very bad and discarded. If you consider the good of a person, the same deity will appear, but if you start looking for his evils, then he too will be found so much that he will look like a real devil.

On the basis of rationality, think more and more of the usefulness of whatever we find useful, which we deem necessary to be obtained. Greats have described so that good aspect of a task should come in your understanding and generate interest. The whole premise of storytelling is that trends are inclined towards understanding the usefulness of spiritual matters and the benefits that accrue from them. Wherever man sees the benefit, wherever he sees attraction, the mind starts bowing there. The more seriously we think about the greatness of virtues, the more we consider their consequences, the stronger will be our desire to achieve them. This predominance can also be called inspiration of autism, development of life, from time to time. On this, a lot depends on the brightness of our future.

Search for and seed seedlings

The number of virtues visible in oneself, the goodness and good qualities which can be seen, should be kept on the lookout. Those who meet should be happy with them, and they should be engaged in irrigation. If a good tree plant grows in the middle of the weed, the shrewd farmer is happy to see it, and arranges for its protection and growth, so that he benefits from the benefits of this small plant becoming a huge tree. Possible we should also seek our virtues in this way. The sprout that has grown, if it is maintained properly, will surely grow.

It is a bad thing to always keep looking for your faults. It is okay not to be oblivious to your errors, find them and exclude them. But if only the brain is kept in the same direction, then the evil evils will become indiscriminate within themselves. Then frustration will arise in the mind and the feeling of sitting down as a bad-abusive person will take root. By constantly considering yourself as a sinner, a wicked, a misdeed, looking for evidence of the same, looking towards your inferiority By doing this, the spiritual level falls. If we keep thinking as we think of our evils, then gradually our form will become the same.

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