True wealth and richness

True wealth and richness

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Due to his own evils, the deranged person keeps on doing his apocalypse. Wasteful loses his wealth in his own bad habits and then stumbles upon a beggar by rate. The addict wastes all his time in fulfilling his hunger for meaninglessness, the precious time in which he could have done something worthwhile, he only goes to complete the addiction. In the absence of time, when does important work be made from it?

Linguistic people are mad after the taste, they eat it day after day and then die miserably. Diseases go on besieging, they lose money trying to eradicate them with medicines but do not control their habits. In such a situation, even by putting money in treatment, they do not get rid of ill health. A large number of those who lose their body, health and beauty in lust can be seen wherever they are. They want to enjoy the pleasures of the enjoyment, but the poor themselves get robbed. If you do not find anything, you lose everything. Does the anger also benefit some? Burns his blood in excitement and excitement, makes his own alien by sitting unimportant and casts around the thorny walls of hatred for himself.

Jealous, blasphemous, chewing ghouls lose their respect in everyone’s eyes. They are believed to be disbelieving, unproven and of poor health. Nobody gets mixed up with them, all remain suspicious. Such people also remain dissatisfied, upset and disgusted at their position within themselves. Their body and mind keep falling in the direction of degeneration. The growth of fortifications is the biggest curse of human life. In fact, this is the worst kind of maladjustment, seeing that an atmosphere of hatred and reproach arises everywhere.

Money should not be considered wealth. He comes and goes. Shocks of circumstances bring down big rich values. It may take time for the poor to become rich, but the mere condition of two or four pats makes the rich’s situation even worse than the poor. Loss in business, chain, accident, misdemeanour lawsuit, sickness, schism, etc. are any number of reasons which turn the good economic situation upside-down. In such a situation, a person without merit becomes poor and unable to stand up again. But the one who has a wealth of virtues regains his lost glory. Self-confidence and self-confidence show him the path of everlasting progress like divine help. Due to his sweet nature, he makes his place wherever he goes. By his characteristics, he impresses everyone and gets sympathy from all. The main reason for his success in influencing others is his virtue. For those who have this speciality, strangers will become their own and it will not take long to become friends of enemies.

The pillars of life are virtuous. It is a great success that cannot be compared to any other worldly benefit, to make your virtues work, your nature better, and to mould your habits like the best gentlemen. Therefore, we should pay maximum attention to the fact that we do not remain virtuous, constantly try to equip ourselves with the power and characteristics of virtues. Always search for fortifications and always try to remove them from your contact like bedbugs.

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