Should you follow the feelings of others?

Should you follow the feelings of others?

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The mood of each is different. You can’t see it. He is personal. There is no other part in it. Emotions are produced in the mind (not in the heart as we explain) and vary from person to person. Seeing the same object can have a different effect on different people. If we see a beautiful view of the sunset, our mood will be different from that of another viewer, a poet would consider it something else. Farmers, labourers will take it in some other colour. Beautiful pictures, beautiful landscapes, songs, all of this will have some emotions, some will be others. A lusty also considers its quaint colour form, dress, ornaments to be the best. Civil society changes every new fashion. Each of these considers their joy, their ideal, their attitude as the highest, and fools the other and reveals their ‘ego’ sense.

‘The world is very bad. The era is very bad, the era of honesty is gone, there is dishonesty all around. Everybody is a fraud, religion has risen from the earth. ‘Such utterances that the person recites again, understand that he himself is a cheater, dishonest. It is the light of his emotions that is building his world moment by moment. His emotions have gathered around him. The man says that ‘there is no work in the world, the market for unemployment is hot, the industry is busy, the good work is not found’. Understand that its ineptitude is on its face and where it goes in the mirror of its emotions He treats all things.

Where the angry person goes, he will be found by someone who is fighting, the hater will find some hate person. Unjust human beings are seen by all as stupid, rude and punishable.

What really happens is that man imposes his feelings on his front. and considers them as they themselves are. Whom the world seems to be selfish, insidious, filthy, sorrowful, rude, insolent, understand that the difference itself has a multiplicity of defects, weaknesses, shortcomings.

The world is a very large mirror in which we see the replication of our emotions in the life of the daily. For the person who is like, the same elements are attracted by this creation and appear. True Yuga souls live in every age and always have a golden age with them.

Study the nature of the people working in your situation, work or any area you are in, get acquainted with their ideas, attitudes, relationships, feelings. Treat each of their works with deep insight and psychoanalyze them.

You ask yourself – what does this person want? What is the ideal nature of things in its mind? What does it hate and what does it consider to be good? What kind of work does it want to take from its servants? What are its favourite items? What is the standard of beauty in its conscience?

Moral emotions are related to the actions of human beings daily and their good study can determine good or evil. Ethics are judges of our daily routine. By their observation, we get knowledge of the nature of individuals. The better our investigation. In equal parts, we will be able to shake society and deal with it.

Talk to a person about his / her ideas and show sympathy for his / her feelings, show the superiority of his / her views. Just, you will be able to control it. He will not get tired of talking to you about himself.

If you want to make someone an enemy by making you angry, then crush his feelings, cut his words and his own emotions.

Therefore, when you go out to talk or deal with other people in the society, remember that you are not talking to the effigies of the soil, but you are dealing with such human beings in which emotions are dominated. Everything of yours in that reservoir of emotion produces amazing waves. Different fights arise and make war in the conscience of the mind. In the middle, such moods arise, due to which the work style becomes something else.

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