The dilemma of human mind

The dilemma of human mind

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A strong foundation of self-confidence and strong character should be set in your mind that the evil of the bad people collides with it and fails in the same way as the sword made by hitting the shield made of rhinoceros. All the side effects should continue to be abolished without taking care of rationality and self-awareness, which keep attacking us from all around. We should continue to despise the misdeeds of the individuals by keeping hatred and petty feelings towards them. Never surrender before them. By keeping hatred for sin and reverence for virtue, we can continue to develop our own virtues and be able to protect ourselves from vicious tendencies.
Just as we can do something good by giving our time, money or advice to others, in the same way, it can be possible to do well for many by giving encouragement.

The human mind is always immersed in a dilemma. He keeps moving back and forth swinging in the swing of hope and despair. The tendencies of sin and virtue also cast a black and white shadow over it like an incense shade. The tides of virtues and fortunes also keep coming. The one who gets shelter in these mutual, opposing instincts takes root, and the one who gets ignored starts to calm down and end.
Incentive utility

The development and destruction of these soft feelings have a lot to do with the encouragement or opposition of others. Generally, people are not able to do some correct analysis about themselves. For this, they are dependent on the consent of others. When other people praise themselves, the mind is cheerful, feels proud and feels that we are doing truly admirable work. But when you hear others talking about their blasphemy, failure and insignificance, then there is sorrow, heartbreak, despair. Gratitude to the praiser arises in the mind because he has given a tremendous amount in mental uplift by discussing our virtues. He finds us friendly and dear. But those who blaspheme, see enemies, they look bad, because they presented their bad aspect in front of them and caused disappointment and frustration in the mind. From the point of view of self-inspection, it is advisable to find our faults, defects. It is also advisable to advise any close friend in solitary to improve their inappropriate activities. While doing so, it should be taken care not to make a depressing portrayal of the personality. If anyone continues to be called spoiled, unworthy, sinful, bad-tempered, wicked, foolish, then his inner-self will gradually accept the truth of what is being said. If we are to assume that we are truly unfit, bad, then the mind will start to get moulded in such a way that the courage breaks down, the frustration engulfs it, and while doing some work, the mind keeps on digging deep inside so that the work does not go wrong. And don’t have to be fooled. In this vigour, the hands and feet get swollen and the work was done also starts deteriorating.

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