The effect of motivation

The effect of motivation

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It is said that once some clever boys conspired to take leave to make the master ill and to have fun on leave. One of them went to the Master and said seriously. you seem ill. ”The Master did not listen to him. After some time the other boy went to them and expressed concern – Today, your face is very sad, eyes are turning red and there seem to be symptoms like a sickness. ”Similarly, one by one more boy came and they also did the same. It was repeated. Poor Master had his impression on his mind and he really started feeling ill himself. And went home after school leave. The boys finished their cravings with desire.

Power of trust

A German scientist obtained a death sentence prisoner to test the extent to which others’ speech could have a bad effect on the human mind and used to kill him by the power of faith. The prisoner was laid on a table. The Blindfold was tied. A small pin was pierced near the throat. A light stream of water kept touching the throat, such a tube was closed. A bucket was placed to collect the dripping water at the bottom. The prisoner was told that his blood is needed for a necessary task, so it has been arranged for the death penalty to reduce the suffering, death of all blood and death and get blood for the necessary work. . Therefore, he will lie quietly and he will die peacefully in a short time.

The prisoner believed the scientist’s point. He began to feel the water flowing from the throat from the tube and dripping into the bucket below. Doctors used to watch his pulse again and again and lie, saying that his blood has gone out, there is so much more, faintness is going to come in such a long time and death will happen in such a long time. The prisoner kept believing the doctors’ statement, so he died at the right time. Scientists then concluded that on the basis of faith, a person can be so much influenced that he is killed till his death.

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